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6 Benefits of Using Videos in Nonprofit Marketing

Information Videos for Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing consists of Attracting, Engaging and Delighting Strategies. Videos are valuable content, which is a key feature of attracting strategies. They help to attract the target audience and buyer personas, by providing valuable content. Published videos inform viewers about an NGO or NPO’s agenda and goals. They provide deep information about the challenges which the organization takes up. And last, but not least, they transfer the organization’s moral standpoint to the viewers. In short, videos create worthy experiences and a positive impact on people and on the organization.

Increased Traffic through Video Marketing

Videos have been proven to be a major drive for website traffic. Search engines adore video content (for Search Engine Optimization, see our Post on Business Videos that Grow Sales). Therefore, websites containing video content rank much higher on Search Engine Result Pages. Videos also contribute to an increased dwelling time on NGO or NPO’s websites. They form an ideal mix of entertainment and added value, achieving to engage a bigger audience.

Fundraiser Videos

Fundraising is the essential element of most NGO or NPO’s income. In recent years, digital means became increasingly important for charitable organizations’ fundraising activities. Video donation campaigns can easily be linked to direct donation options. For the audience who is convinced by an organization’s campaign, it is now easier than ever before to take immediate action. What defines great fundraiser videos is their containing unique stories: stories based on humanity, honesty and morality. They resonate with potential donors and inspires them to take action.

Increased Awareness through Video Marketing

Videos play an important role in strengthening an organization’s brand. Awareness of the audience needs to be raised for NGOs and NPOs in the same way as for any business or company. Video marketing raises awareness about the organization and spreads the word about their cause. Good videos achieve that large numbers of people know about the organization's agendas and services. They reveal the heart of the organization’s oeuvre. At the same time, they establish a promise to the audience and to partners and strengthen their belief in the organization.

Donor Memberships and Recurring Donations

Donation memberships and monthly giving programs are already offered by many NGOs and NPOs. These programs are valuable as they support and relieve the organization’s fundraising activities. In addition, they increase donation volumes. They also reduce potential frustrations on the donors’ side. Videos help to establish transparent communication towards the audience on how their funds or gifts make an impact. Above that, videos can be used to thank donors for their contributions in a personal manner.

Recruitment Videos to Connect with Volunteers

Besides funding, staffing is another challenge NGOs and NPOs see themselves confronted with. Recruitment videos achieve big results in raising attention by volunteer-candidates. They showcase the organization’s values and mission, in a qualitative and relatable fashion. This leads to the generation of new connections between the organization and potential, qualified candidates.

Start Using Videos for Your NPO or NGO

Nonprofit Marketing is often more challenging than any other form of marketing. The biggest question is how to achieve more with less resources: teams are small, budgets are restricted. Does this sound like your organization’s situation? We want to help you.

Even though your goals might not be profit-oriented, the values our videos add to your organization’s marketing goals are manifold. Questions? Contact us for a free intro and demo.


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