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Music Videos: Why does Production Value Matter?

These days, the landscape of music videos has diversified immensely. As a result, artists with very different budget sizes publish different styles of videos on a continuous basis. But a common mistake is to equal the size of the budget with a video’s production value. In fact, it is not as simple as that. Find out why below.


Production Value Defined

So, what does this vague concept of production value mean, then? In short, it is the sum of all the production’s elements that make the final version look high-end. Production value depends on many different factors that we’ll describe more in detail below. In general, the bigger a project’s budget, the higher its production value should be. However, the production house’s choices play a big role, as well. As a golden rule: the more money is being spent, the more this should reflect in the production value.

Crucial Elements

For our work at Ghost Pictures, ensuring high production value starts right from the start: developing the idea. Because the idea will largely define the production’s overall cost, and this will mainly depend on our client’s available budget, we usually ask for an estimated available budget before brainstorming about ideas. For the further stages of productions, all important elements such as the shoot locations, set design, props, talent and artist’s performance have a huge impact. From the technical point of view, all dimensions of cinematography and the post-production and editing are crucial to achieve the desired production value on screen.



If all this sounds too complicated to you, do not worry :) This is our job at the production house, after all. In the end, we always aim at achieving the highest production value possible within any available budget bracket. This will determine the overall impression a music video will strike with audiences. In short, production value relates to how professional and qualitative a final video or film looks like.


At Ghost Pictures, we try to work with every sort of budget that is suitable for a cinema-standard production. In fact, we usually encourage our clients to tell us their honest budget up-front, so that we can give you a clear idea about what exactly is possible in that range. At the end, solutions can always be found, so do not hesitate to contact us for a first free consultation!


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