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Superlatives of Music Videos: The Best, Most Expensive, and Most Popular

To end our month’s theme of music videos, we want to explore a selection of outstanding and noteworthy productions of the last decades and months. Each of them has their own strong point that makes them worthy to feature on this list of superlatives.


The Most Expensive of all Time

Determining the most expensive music video of all time is not an easy endeavor. After all, not all productions have disclosed their budgets. However, for the record, Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream” was produced for 7 million back in 1995, which would today be an equivalent of 12.7 million US Dollars (source: medium). Why was it so pricy? One of the driving factors would have been the set design, as the shoot required 13 different sets to be custom-built for several weeks in advance. On top of that, the production was said to have been extremely tight due to short deadlines set by the label.


The Most Successful

Music video’s success is often measured by the views it attracts. For long, the “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong has been the most watched music video on YouTube with billions of views. This reflects in the song’s huge popularity as being known and sung all over the world until today. The production has definitely reached more generations than its main target group of children, which explains its huge success.


Our Personal Favorite

It is hard to pick out one single favorite, but it will be hard to cover all of our favorites in a single blog post. These past weeks, our personal favorite has especially been “Tony Montana” by Skepta and Portable. It premiered on March 1 this year and already has over 4 million views. This production was directed by Capone and stands out with regards to the artists’ performance, the comparatively simple but very well-produced concept, and the cinematography. Besides, the song itself is unique, catchy and creative, so if you don’t know it yet, make sure to check both the song and video out :)


What’s your goal for your next music video project? Do you want it to be first most expensive, affordable, or successful? Get inspired by the creative landscape out there, or come up with something completely new? Whatever the case, we have got you covered. Contact us for a first connect and let us discuss!


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