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Beginning of Q2: It is Time for an Update!

As promised beginning of the year, we want to keep our word by updating you on more details on our 2024 activities. Besides our strong focuses on documentary and commercial projects, a crucial sector for many of Ghost Pictures’ productions this year is music. Hence, for the rest of this month, music is the reigning theme in our blog section.


Creating Strong Partnerships

Thanks to our long-lasting experience working with music artists and on music video productions, we have established strong and diverse connections in the music industry. This year, our motto is strengthening existing relationships while venturing towards new horizons. We are therefore always open to talking to potential new partners. Whether you are a record label, independent artist or manager, looking for a reliable video production partner, surely don’t hesitate to contact us for a connect meeting!

Music Videos

This summer, it is going to get hot in Europe! Both temperatures and hot sounds of one our dearest artists and long-term client will bring the place to life again. No disclosure yet, as the pre-production is still in its early beginning stage, but we can say that much: If you’ve been following Ghost Pictures’ music videos for a while, you surely do know this artist  Make sure to be ready for some fresh tunes, catchy collaborations, and – of course, we never do without – striking visuals!


Music Documentary

Most excitingly, we got to partner with one of Belgium’s currently hottest music platforms! With and for them, we are producing a brand-new documentary, as we follow them through their exciting and tumultuous lives and stories. This will capture an exclusive and intimate look behind the scenes of their massive media presence and public performances. We cannot share too many details yet but be rested assured that our final documentary will be something Belgium has not seen before! Sounds exciting? Stay tuned for more!

At Ghost Pictures, we are huge fans of working with and for ambitious talented artists, brands, platforms, partners, and teams. Don’t miss our next posts, where we’ll explore music videos’ production values next week and the top 3 music videos in the week after!


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