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5 Types of Business Videos that Grow Sales

Videos that Offer a Solution

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Search engines pull YouTube videos at the top of the search results if they think these match your search intent best. Reply on your customer's FAQs or emails via video. Post valuable video content on your YouTube channel or website.

Tip: Posting videos on your website also helps you show up in search results by boosting your Search Engine Optimization.

Here's an example of a video offering a solution: Let’s say your business provides real estate valuations, and a homeowner’s first question is, “What will it cost me?” Don’t be afraid to answer the cost question. Do it with video that you post on your website. You want to be the one to give your potential customer the answer (versus your competitor providing it!). This gesture strengthens your brand's trustworthiness and transparency.

Videos that Introduce Your Brand

We know it’s shocking, but it is very likely that someone may have never heard of your company before. Use video to give customers or new employee candidates a virtual tour of your company or to introduce them to your team.

Let’s say you’re a jewelry store that opened a new location in a second city. You’re looking to get more customers to come through your door. Hold a Facebook Live event showcasing your favorite pieces or go behind the scenes of a workshop manufacturing your jewelry.

If you’re hiring, video is a great way to show team culture and recruit new employees. These can be narrating a typical workday, witnessing company events or employees saying what they love most about their job. Such videos will draw more recruits than just placing a job ad alone.

Videos that Help Sales Nurture Prospects

Instead of sending generic thank you emails to prospects, help your sales representatives stand out with personalized video emails. Customer relationships grow faster with a video message that personally thanks the prospect and offers a helpful tip.

Another example: Add a personalized bio video to your email signature. Wave, and introduce yourself!

In fact, your entire sales team should be using videos on an almost daily basis. In today’s virtual world, it’s essential to connect with prospects in a personalized and timely fashion,.

Videos that Explain What Your Product Does

Explanation videos are an excellent After-Sales Tool for your customers. Instead of attaching a pamphlet on how to install your product when it’s delivered, send a personalized email with a video. This will effectively show your customer how to operate your product after they made the purchase.

Another example of an explanation video would be to record a virtual walk through your manufacturing process. Customer will see your capabilities firsthand and receive answers to common questions about your production.

Videos that Show Why Everyone Loves Your Product/Service

Videos are a great way to show why people buy from you and why they recommend your product or service further.

Switch up your classic survey responses by asking your customers for video testimonials. For instance: Reach out to your social media followers and ask them to submit videos as part of a contest. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand and buy from it when they hear directly from people like themselves.

Get Started with Videos for Your Business

Are you looking for help creating videos for your business? At Ghost pictures production, our team of video professionals can support you in the entire process: from mapping out a video strategy to production scheduling, shooting and final editing.

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