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Video Marketing for Car Dealerships

We are all familiar with the beautiful advertisements for new car models on TV and in cinemas. But one thing we often forget about, is how even car dealerships and distributors can benefit from strategically using video marketing to increase sales. Keep reading to find out why.

Evoking Emotion

As we’ve often seen in previous blog themes, video is one of the best strategies to evoke emotions in potential clients or candidates. In the case of your car dealership, it is no longer enough to present your newest available models to your client base simply in the form of catalogues or newsletters. Video can do much more than that. It connects your cars to your clients on a more interactive, inspiring, and fascinating level. Because your clients need that emotion to be able to take a fully convinced buying decision.

Storytelling and Understanding

To create that strong connection with your customers, evoking emotion was the first step. On another level, video allows you as a business to tell your story in a unique and understandable way. When your target audiences watch your video, your business becomes more tangible, relatable and empathetic for them. And this is a first major step in the building up people’s trust into your dealership. Because trust is the true currency in attracting and keeping a loyal and stable client base.

Explaining Technicalities

Buying cars, whether secondhand or new, is a complex and often overwhelming situation for your clients. Especially the technicalities of it can be discouraging to many. Why not use the means of video to transfer some basic knowledge about buying a car to your prospective customers? Or about what people should look out for when choosing a car dealership? This way, they will learn a lot and also know that if they have questions, they can ask them to you openly.

At Ghost Pictures Production, we have years of experience in creating compelling commercials and product videos, as well as corporate storytelling. We’ll love to share this expertise with your business, so please feel free to reach out to for a free consultation!


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