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Kicking Off 2024

Two weeks into the new year, it is high time to kick off a crisp new creative year. What are our goals for this year and most importantly, what can you expect from us this year?


A Year of Stories

Above all, this will be a year of breathtaking and engaging new stories. Being a production house that’s primarily focused on storytelling, we add our own touch to all our projects. We strongly believe that behind every person, organization and event, there is a huge potential for storytelling. It is true that everybody has a story. And this is the kind of uniqueness and captivation that you can expect from our projects more than ever in 2024.

New Horizons

You may already have noticed some minor changes on our website. This is because we have now sorted our gallery of demo-videos by genre. Aside our main documentary focus, we are specializing on the fields of commercial video and music video due to our strong expertise in these branches. What makes us different from other production houses, is our individual narrative approach to each project irrespective of genre.


Customer Centredness

This year is also one of fostering existing connections with our customers and partners. We’ve always put our customers first and accommodated their every need and idea. This year we want to stay even more in tune with our past connections as well as with our new associates. We believe that if we form a strong network of open and honest business relationships, we can achieve great things together.

Film Festivals

Next to our customer projects, each year we are producing a selection of independent productions. You can expect to see our documentaries and films at various festivals on an international stage this year. We will keep you posted about the details in the upcoming months. Stay tuned to our blog and socials to get to know all the details instantly.


In summary, this will be quite an exciting year for Ghost Pictures Production. We invite you to embark on this journey together with us and wish you, your organization, and your associates a successful and prosperous 2024 ahead!


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