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Tips and Tricks for Data Visualization

Many organizations are looking for ways on how to best present the complex data they deal with to their customers, stakeholders, and target audiences. This can be a real challenge but should be taken seriously. Because people tend to remember up to 80% of what they saw, but only 20% of what they heard. That is why visual communication of data is extremely important.

Animated Graphs

Static graphs and numbers can be complicated and hard to grasp for many people. However, when in the form of a captivating video, data can become fun and easily understandable! Think about animated pie charts, curves, rankings or histograms to present results, trends or investments visually. There are different platforms and tools to visualize data in an animated or interactive way. You can also rely on your video partner to take care of it for you.

Data Storytelling

Animations of numbers and facts are great, but what about the personalized human touch? Quantitative data might appear cold or even soulless. What about the stories behind those numbers? This is where creativity and empathy play a huge role. If data visualization is combined with video personalization and relatable motion pictures, a unique story will be the outcome. This is your possibility to attract your audience’s attention and to engage them even more.

Video News

Most organization have a news-section on their websites. Only few however have used the concept of video news so far. Your teams surely deal with different kinds of quantitative and qualitative data, whether it is reports, polls, surveys, financials, rankings or other. This kind of information can be quite complex and challenging, even when presented in a nice article by your communication department. Going the extra mile to present this news data in a video will surprise your viewers and make your organization stand out compared to others.

At Ghost Pictures Production, we are experts in research and documentary-filmmaking. On top of that, we even work together with statistical experts and qualitative interviewers, to ensure an ethical and accurate data collection, analysis, and representation process. We love to make data relatable and accessible to all by effective communication through visual channels. So, if you trust us on this, we are so ready and eager to tell the stories behind your data to your audiences!


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