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Which Benefits are Brands Without Video Content Missing Out on?

Frequently, doubts or questions are being expressed about the overall usefulness of video content for our customers’ marketing strategy and brand visibility. If you have already asked yourself this question before, we’ve collected a few reasons for why non-existent video strategies could limit a brand’s potential or even cause failure. Make sure to also check out our post on Five Types of Business Videos that Grow Sales if you are interested in which types of video content can boost your business and promote growth.


Failing to Exhaust your Brand’s Full Engagement Potential

It still happens, that some of our connections tell us they do not see the need to implement video in their marketing activities and therefore don’t allocate a standard budget for video production. Although video has proven to push engagement statistics towards the sky, some brands still rely on undynamic content such as imagery and written words. And these types of content simply cannot convey emotion, tell a story and captivate viewers’ attention in the same way. As an evident consequence, those businesses would have to expect lost opportunities due to lower engagement numbers.

Missed Opportunities for Search Engine Optimization

Due to the growing importance on video content on the web, search engines increasingly work with video. Therefore, for an effective SEO, your landing page profits by having an integrated introduction video. Moreover, a video gallery with testimonials, project-based and seasonal content will help to increase viewers’ visit durations. This will signal the search engine a high level of quality content and search relevance. By boycotting video, your business thus risks losing out on improved website traffic.

Losing Moments to Establish Trust Relationships

Seeing products live on video, hearing experiences from other customers, and getting exclusive behind-the-scene content on your business, will help new prospects and target groups to start getting to know your brand from a foundation of trust. These are organic ways to connect with audiences on a deeper level, that text and images cannot compete with.


Are you doubting where your brand stands on the video marketing game? Contact us for a free consultation! We’ll be happy to screen your website and video channels together with you and come up with tailor-made video solutions for you.



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