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Training Videos for Diverse Scenarios

Recently, we have been posting a lot about the educative potential of video. What we have talked less about, is the multiple ways in which these can be used by very different organizations. Not only typical educational organizations benefit from such content these days, but basically every organization imaginable.

Who Benefits from Training Videos?

Training Videos create a win-win situation. Both you, your organization and your audience will massively benefit from this accessible way of learning. Whether you are a yoga studio, a music school, a SAAS start-up, a technical provider or an influencer, think about the multiple ways in which you can reach your team members and your audience through video. It can serve internal training purposes, customer onboarding, or online courses / classes.

Criteria for a Successful Training Video

To begin with, the needs of your audience must be very clear, because they need to be addressed in the video. You might have to do some extensive research and investigation beforehand. Exchange with people in the field is crucial as well. Then identify the desired learning outcome and the main message(s) you want to get across. This will guide you and your video producer throughout the process like a red thread, in order to avoid any distraction or unnecessary piece of information.

Technical Requirements

Choosing the right creative design for your training is important. Complex information or data might be supported by virtually visualized data or 3D animations. More vulnerable or social topics might be better off being presented in a classical way of frontal instruction. The length of your video, then, depends mainly on its content. Short durations are not always better for attention spans – some contents simply require a certain length and depth. Generally, a duration anywhere between 30 seconds and 15 minutes is recommendable.

Definitely, video is a long-lasting sustainable investment into your audience’s learning and relieving you off extensive workload. Instead of training a new colleague for weeks, or holding a live yoga class every week, videos can easily be rewatched anytime at your audience’s convenience.

Cannot wait to create your own training video now? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a talk on how to convert your vision into reality! Together we can share your knowledge in an appealing and effective way.

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