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The Best Online Video Platforms in 2023

Online Video Platforms (OVPs) are the key to your success in building your brand, reach and sales return. They enable easy ways to upload, manage and publish your video content across different channels, such as social media platforms and your website. Which OVP is best for you, also depends on different factors, such as your needs and strategies.


The most popular video platform globally still wins with its multiple benefits. Usage is completely free and easily maneuverable. It also enjoys huge popularity around the world, so international reach and a big audience will be guaranteed. You can easily embed your videos from your channel to other platforms such as websites or social media posts. YouTube also offers its users detailed analytics and reports.

However, the big player comes with some disadvantages. As part of Google, there is a lot of competition when it comes to content, and it might be harder for you to stand out. Also, since the service is free and anyone can use the platform, the level of professionalism that it transfers to consumers might appear lower.


This cloud-based OVP offers more options tailored to business-users than YouTube. For instance, it is possible to remove ads and links from your videos. The audience active on Vimeo is a tighter knit (business) community, which might make it easier to get noticed by other professionals. The user experience for Vimeo integrated videos is preferred by many, due to the professional looking video player and high visual quality.

For this platform, usage is not free but only possible with a member plan. Different packages are available depending on your needs. These depend mainly on the size of content you will be uploading per week or per year. Also, since Vimeo is more exclusive and less widespread among consumers, on this OVP your video content will gain less traffic and reaction from viewers. That’s why it is important to combine Vimeo usage with a strong marketing strategy for promotion and distribution.

At Ghost Pictures Production, although we are not a distribution agency, we believe it is important to help our clients navigate the landscape, which can be overwhelming when you are not specialized in video production. We want to share our insights with you and support you in achieving the best results with the projects we deliver. Let’s talk about it during a personal meeting!


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