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Our brand-new film website for “The Statue”-Documentary is live!

You might have noticed that we did not actively post this past month of July. This was partially due to a week of summer holiday. But for the most part, we have been working intensively on our latest own-produced documentary project. Now finally, we would like to share with you the film’s website which went live just this week.

The Production

Our first independently produced feature-length documentary, this is extremely exciting for us. Already, a lot of hard work has gone into it this far. Pre-production started in January of this year, and we went into production in April. Right now, the project is in late-stage production, set to enter post-production soonest. The release date will be in 2024 and will be announced soon. Due to the controversial nature of our topic, it was crucial to us that the production be organized fully independently. This certainly was a challenge we are very proud of.

“The Statue”

Now, what is our documentary all about? “The Statue” refers to the controversial statues of Leopold II of Belgium, who continue to persist in public space until today. It was King Leopold II who colonized Congo back in the 19th century, by declaring an arbitrary territory as his personal terrain, namely the so-called “Congo Free State”. We wanted to hear from experts, how this historical figure’s impact is to be evaluated and what their opinions are about his today’s statues in public space. All participants in the documentary feel strongly about this topic in one way or the other - due to their diverse personal connections to the issue.

The Website

On the film’s dedicated website, you will find all the details and facts about our production, which are regularly being updated. Also, our director’s comprehensive note is available there for the public, as we want to be transparent and clear on the documentary’s mission. On top of that, you will find some quotes from the interviews we conducted, some behind the scenes insights, and further visual material as we go. Of course, we will also keep you up to date in our blog section here, as usual!

You can find the link here:

We will share more info sequentially these coming weeks and months. Thank you for following us on this journey that is just as exciting and incredible as we hope that it will be for you and the rest of the audience.

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