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4 Ways of Integrating Video into your Educational Marketing Strategies

As we have previously reported (Blogpost on Educational Videos), education is a huge concern worldwide and for our business specifically. Therefore, we want to contribute to an increased awareness and access to education. Does your organization work in the educational sector or aim to train your staff in the context of lifelong learning? You might want to find out how videos can help you to diversify and strengthen your educational marketing activities!

Promotional videos

If you are a school or learning organization, you will be looking at ways to promote your agenda. What better way to get your message and goals across than via videos? Directly convince your audience about what makes your organization stand out compared to others. Show your audience the surroundings of your location to give them a direct idea about the physical environment. This can best be done by aerial footage and location shots, displaying your organization’s campus and offices.

Promo videos can include messages or interviews featuring the headteacher, staff and students. On top of that, try to capture an accurate atmosphere of a typical day in your organization. If possible, the promo video should feature scenes directly from the classroom or other learning contexts. It is by showing these actual and organic interactions, that viewers will be captivated by the video. By overlaying different footages of your organization and your activities, the promo video will become most interesting.


Testimonials are an extremely powerful and effective marketing tool. They are especially successful if they are made relatable for the audience. Testimonial videos are often the last factor influencing parents’ or students’ decision for or against a particular school. This is because testimonials provide actual proof that what you claim in your promo video is factually true and backed up by people’s personal opinions. Organicity and authenticity are key here. The contributions for testimonials should not be staged and should be as spontaneous as possible.

Recruiting new talents

In general, creative, fun and unique videos will make your organization stand out. This is particularly relevant for the recruitment process. Whenever you are searching for new talents, a targeted recruitment video can increase awareness about your organization. You might also want to consider a dedicated video or documentary showing a typical day of working or studying at your organization, featuring interviews of staff and students. Include these video contributions on your landing page, in your newsletters and your email campaigns whenever recruitment cycles are open.

Educational event coverage

Your organization most certainly organizes a considerable number of different events throughout the (academic) year. Think about your open day, seminars, information sessions, student projects, theater plays, concerts etc. If you have a reliable video production partner, it’s a great way to cover all these events and to publish specific after-movies for each of them. By sticking to one video partner, you will ensure uniformity for all your videos and the maintenance of professionalism. These kinds of videos really capture the mood and atmosphere at your organization’s events and will strengthen your brand enormously!

At Ghost Picture Production, education is one of our biggest passions. We work together with educational experts to ensure that we keep up to date in the field. We strongly believe that education is our future and therefore want to support organizations who think the same. Reach out to us for a free consultation and see for yourself which specific tailor-made solutions we can offer your organization!


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