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Educational Videos for You and Your Organization

Education is a huge concern now more than ever. Lifelong learning is today an everlasting aspiration for most people. Videos play an important role in those individual learning journeys. They add value to the process of knowledge acquisition and make learning more visually attractive and interactive. Let’s explore some types of educational videos together and find out how you as an individual or an organization can benefit from employing them.

Knowledge Clips

A widespread use of educational video content happens through knowledge clips and skills clips. These are short clips of a maximum duration of 10 minutes. In those videos, teachers or experts briefly explain a particular topic, principle or concept. The explanatory script forms the base for this type of video, which becomes illustrated by b-rolls or PowerPoint slides.

Knowledge clips are currently being used by organizations such as schools and companies and by individuals such as content creators and YouTubers. They are an easy way to build up a knowledge base for training purposes, educational goals, curriculum coverage and aftersales care. Besides, they are an easy way to address FAQs and content that may need frequent repetition. For the learners and/or customers, it allows them to consult the videos at any time and at their own individual pace.


Videos support webinars in many ways and add dynamicity and variety. Webinars are online events hosted by organizations and broadcasted live to specific target groups. In online seminars it can be difficult to keep viewers always interested and attentive. Videos are a great way to enhance the audience’s interest level and to get the webinar’s main messages across.

Ideally, videos should be applied at all stages of the webinar process. To attract attention from your target group and potential participants, producing a video trailer is a great way. This also sets the expectations at the correct level and impresses viewers with the high video quality to be maintained throughout the webinar.

Throughout the webinar, videos can demonstrate various aspects of your presentation. This ranges from recorded expert interviews to software demonstrations, product demos and virtual tours of different venues. Overall, these videos will increase the level of professionalism for your webinars. If, on top of that, you also add a short video on your landing page, you will improve your conversion rates drastically.


Documentaries certainly have an important educational dimension. However, educators and organizations do not always have the necessary time resources to use full feature-length documentaries for educational purposes. Therefore, short or mini-format documentaries of maximum 8 minutes duration are a useful educational tool. This length is just enough to cover basic instructional aspects and to also provide a critical perspective on a compelling topic.

This video genre stimulates debate, critical thinking and creativity. It is therefore an incentive for classroom discussions, teambuilding purposes or webinars. The film will serve as a piece of evidence for further reference, opening a window to a wider perspective. It can even familiarize viewers to a different world, by giving insights into someone else’s life, transcending social and physical borders.

Are you interested to find out how we can support you or your organization’s learning activities through video content creation? Education is one of our biggest concerns as a company ourselves. We work together with educational experts, and we support learning in every way. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation about your educational video project!


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