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The Statue is a documentary dedicated to the controversial statues of King Leopold II of Belgium that have persisted in public space. Our film explores the historical and current contexts of these statues, and how these are perceived by different people living in Belgium today.

This documentary sheds light on the complex history of King Leopold and his impact on both the African and the European continents. We delve into the controversy surrounding his statues and ongoing debates about how to address their legacy. Through interviews with diverse participants and experts, our film provides broad and open-minded perspectives at this important issue.

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This documentary is currently in the stage of post-production and is set to be released soon (date tbd). This film is produced entirely independently at our own production house (Ghost Pictures Production) based in Antwerp. The Statue will be our debut feature-length documentary, while we have made short documentaries before. 

For this film, an exploratoy approach was chosen. This means that we as filmmakers do not have any pre-conceived notions, but let ourselves be guided by experts and facts throughout the production. This documentary features historians, professors, activits, artists, and religious leaders. Also, it is crucial that this film would feature the voices of people, who experienced this issue firsthand. 

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At Ghost Pictures, our mission is to use the power of film to educate and engage audiences on important social issues. Through this documentary, we hope to raise awareness about the continuation of historical atrocities across generations and to inspire political, social and cultural debates by providing raw, multi-faceted and valid arguments.

We believe that film has the power to spark social change and we are committed to using this medium to promote a respectful dialogue and reciprocal understanding. It is not about proving each other right or wrong, but about achieving a solution that leads us to a greater goal: living together in a peaceful and respectful world.

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