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What does the new RED Komodo-X mean for the documentary film-making world?

Yesterday, excitement was high among film-makers around the world when the official announcement of the Komodo-X was made by RED. After the leaks by president Mr Jarred Land of the past week and days had already created a lot of buzz and suspense about the new camera, yesterday was the culmination of everyone’s expectations.

Improved Technical Specs

Among the most praised new features of the Komodo-X are the increased framerates (120 FPS at 4K), the bettered dynamic range performance and CFExpress-support - along with some additional I/O options, such as 12G SDI, built-in USB Type C, etc. The innovative sensor design allows for improvements in color and detailed image. For a full overview of all technical specs, please consult the official release by RED:

Benefits for Documentary Production

Thanks to the legacy of the small form factor introduced by the Komodo, the Komodo-X carries on with this extremely useful design for documentary film-makers. Both monitoring as well as cabling and powering have become more professional through the Komodo-X. There are even possibilities to expand remotely through RED Connect. Thanks to the CFExpress media, run times can be longer (up to 17 hours), as well as offload times.

At Ghost Pictures Production, we are 100% independent and not sponsored by any brand or company. We chose to shoot exclusively on RED cameras after critical evaluation of all options and careful consideration of our own and our clients’ needs and requirements. And we have not regretted this choice on any single day. Do you want to see for yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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