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Video Marketing Made Easy for Travel Agents

With lockdowns remaining lifted in most countries again, we find ourselves in an almost pre-Covid travel routine. Motivations to travel are high, many people feel the need for a change of environment and a relaxing or exciting vacation abroad. Fernweh describes this feeling of seeing pictures of faraway places and longing to travel there ourselves.

If you are a travel agent, you know all about this. How to best evoke these feelings in your target groups? A main strategy for you will be video content because nothing else conveys the mood and atmosphere of travelling in such an authentic – almost tangible – way. In this overview, find out which particular styles of videos will be helpful for you!

Teasers & Trip Previews

For each of your travel packages and destinations, try to create a unique video capturing the most essential characteristics of what you want to sell. These teasers should be rather short and focus on the highlights of the particular trip. Think about the classical travel catalogue or brochure, but in a digitalized and interactive way. Introduce your target audience to your trip route’s most exciting places, show off your amazing partner locations and accommodations, and capture the moods they will experience when choosing you as a travel agent. Be sure to take their breath away, and you will have to do almost no talking. The video will do the work for you!

Travel vlogs

Consider working with a fixed video production partner for all of your products. This will ensure uniformity and professionalism across all your videos. Invite your partner to accompany your trips, so they can get firsthand footage and capture all important moments of the travel experience. Also, you might want to consider creating specific travel advisory content, giving travelers tips and tricks and general things that are good to know about the destinations. This is a great way to put yourself and your agency out there and to reach your target group more efficiently.


If you already have a video partner accompanying your trips, be sure to request an after-movie from them for each of your packages and destinations. Similar to the teaser or trip previews mentioned above, these videos capture the moods and highlights of each trip. However, after-movies are more specific and provide a retrospective on certain events and trips that your agency organized. They will feature real people and show off how your agency aced the organization and planning of the trip. An after-movie is typically 2-3 minutes long and is therefore also lengthier than a teaser, which is typically below 1 minute.

Aerial footage

In general, there is barely any travel video without some type of aerial footage. And that is for a good reason, too. For your viewers, it recreates the mood of flying to a faraway place and landing at a beautiful location of your choice. It is literally the first thing that travelers will set eye on when arriving at a destination. On top of recreating the feeling of landing with an airplane, aerials are a great way to present your location in an impressive way. Whether it is your partner hotel, a beautiful landmark, or a stunning view on the surrounding landscape, this always works and sells your products to viewers effectively.

At Ghost Pictures, we are familiar with working in different countries and continents. We are also a diverse, multi-lingual team. Because of that and because of our own love for travelling, we are more than happy to contribute to your travel agency's video marketing. You can contact us at any time to discuss your project or to ask all your questions during a free consultation!


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