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Our expansion to London, UK

2023 is going to be a huge year for Ghost Pictures Production. For the new year, we have more than exciting news to share with you. As of January 2023, we are expanding our existing base in Antwerp from where we have been active in the Benelux region so far. London will be our second standpoint, so that we can also support businesses in the UK with our video production expertise.

London – the financial hub of Europe

Our decision was built on several pillars. Firstly, the business strategy to expand from continental Europe to the UK as one of the main economies of the European continent. Secondly, the UK is a region where high value is being placed on video content and used for a high number of marketing purposes. Thirdly, we have already made great experiences with UK customers and see the potential prospects in the UK’s company landscape.

London can be called Europe’s primary financial hub for many reasons. There is a long history of established trade and business centers in England’s capital. With over 7.7 million square meters of office space occupied in its territory, London keeps holding the position of Europe’s most important financial hub despite Brexit.

Belgium & UK: A special business connection

There does exist a long-lasting special connection between Belgium and the UK. In both countries, a huge number of expats do excellent work in many sectors. Migration between both countries is easy despite Brexit, and the geographical proximity plays a huge role as well. Both countries have very multicultural and open-minded people as inhabitants, which in turn reflects our company’s values and ethics.

Introducing our new Partner in the UK

The most exciting news comes last. We are so happy to announce a new partnership with our global business development partner Rob. What started as a business relationship a few years ago, has turned into an organic relationship built on trust, respect, and a shared vision for Ghost Pictures Production.

Rob is a recording artist and business manager based in West London. Born in Accra, Ghana, he moved to London at a young age and has lived there since 2003. He is a highly motivated professional with an extremely positive attitude towards life. Having acquired over 10 years of experience in business management and customer success, he has a customer-oriented mindset and a work ethic directed towards solutions.

His biggest passions being art, music, and film, Rob is successful on many different levels. Besides his sparkling music career featuring over half a million streams on Spotify, he also developed his own clothing brand and regularly appears in business articles worldwide. On a personal level, he derives satisfaction from helping others and getting things done. This is exactly reflecting our values as a team, and we are extremely excited about this new partnership for 2023!

Welcome to the team, Rob, and we are looking forward to all the great things we will achieve together!

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