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Ghost Pictures Production: How did it all begin? Our Story and Looking Back at 2022

Maybe you have heard of us before, and if not by now you probably have :) At Ghost Pictures Production, our story goes back way before 2022, but nevertheless this was a special year for us. We want to take a moment to look back at our story and how it all began. Also, we want to reflect on the projects and achievements of the past year. And most importantly, we want to give huge thanks to all our partners and customers!

Founding story

Our founder Joachim decided to turn his passion of many years into his main objective. Filmmaking has always been what he loves to do. This passion originated in 2013, when Joachim was part of a L’Oréal commercial production in Shanghai.

In 2015, he deep dived into the industry by studying the technicalities of filmmaking and storytelling, while gaining valuable experience working for other productions. In 2019, he began acquiring top-notch equipment, and creating videos for others. His cameras literally became his babies and since then they travel with him everywhere he goes to. Back then, his main customer projects were commercial, corporate and music videos. This allowed him to build first-hand experience and expand his creativity, while supporting starting artists and businesses.

What started as a one-man business, is today a dynamic and creative team of multiple hard-working members. Joachim’s passion has spread over the whole team and after several years of working together, our internal level of dynamicity has only increased. Our focus has also shifted with regards to our changing client base. We are now happily supporting small, medium and large enterprises in the whole to promote their products and services by corporate videos or commercials. In addition to that, we are also offering our creative expertise to create storytelling projects and documentaries.

Reflecting on 2022

This year was a very exciting and fulfilling one. We met great new clients and together we created things beyond our imagination. The businesses and artists we got to work with are so interesting and inspiring. Together with them, we were able to work on such a wide range of genres: from music stories to fashion commercials to documentaries to aerial sceneries.

On our LinkedIn page we shared all the great moments and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights with you. We want you to be a part of our journey and to see us grow further together.

From our customer’s feedback we were assured that we met their expectations and even went beyond. It was possible only thanks to the engaged and enthusiastic nature of our clients. That’s because our projects originate from a symbiosis of trust and creativity between our customers and ourselves.

Considering the long years of the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020, this year was truly a special year. After many years and months of lockdown, business has finally resumed as usual. We continue to hold our business meetings remotely wherever possible, or face-to-face in a safe setting. During the Corona pandemic, we have invested in wireless technology to ensure the safety of all participants on set. Thanks to a large number of outdoor shoots, we were always able to maintain the safe practice of social distancing, which we also applied when shooting indoors.

Thank You to our amazing partners and customers!

We want to thank all the amazing people we get to work with every day. This goes to our members and partners who are the ones who keep making this journey possible. It is an honor to work with you, as much as with the wonderful artists who make our projects come true by their outstanding work.

And we want to especially thank our fabulous customers, who embarked on this journey with us. Thank you for putting your trust in a young and local team like ours. We appreciate this immensely and will keep doing our very best for you. A happy end of 2022 to all of you!


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