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Festival Summer 2023 – What to know about Festival Videography

Summer being almost over in Europe, this continent has seen many great festivals and parties worthy to remember. After years of limitations due to Covid, international audiences this year tried to catch up on all the lost time. With a huge variety of great artists and genres to choose from, several events were planned every weekend. For festival videography, while the music is a nice side effect, work remains the primary focus. Read further to find out how to get the best festival shots.

Going Beyond the Mainstream

It may be tempting to stay in the areas reserved for press accredited professionals, but the best shots will not be made from those places. The trick is to go beyond the mainstream professional eye and to plan the shots from the audiences’ perspective, instead. It is great to mingle with people and to record from their same point of view. This will later let the viewers of the video feel as if they were there that day.

Eye for Detail

It is showing the whole picture that makes a video tangible and relatable. Therefore, the focus should not be only on the main acts of the day, or the main stage. It is the things around that really matter, too. Are there some people off the crowded sites, relaxing or enjoying the sunlight? Are there people in special outfits or costumes, that look amazing and are willing to be captured on video? The point is to convey as much as possible of the overall ambiance through the footage, by focusing on little details as well.

Working with the Lights

In contrast to studio or indoor shoots with controlled lighting, a festival setting offers creative lighting that can be an opportunity for uniqueness. Being confronted with the light setting upon arrival, the cinematographical challenge is improvisation, here. Doing frames with silhouettes could be an interesting approach. Observing how the lights change and repeat themselves, is important to plan the shots accurately.

Have you attended any festivals this summer? Which was your favourite after-movie? To check out our own event coverage and beach party projects from summer, we invite you to go directly to our gallery. From the whole team at Ghost Pictures, we sincerely hope that you had a great summer so far and wish you a great start of autumn ahead!


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