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Establishing Strong Partnerships for Documentary and Commercial Projects

Video marketing these days is more challenging than ever. With short attention spans of audiences, tight production budgets and high expectations towards quality and originality of content, the stakes seem to be tremendously high. That’s why it is now more important than ever before to collaborate with strong partners in order to achieve the best outcomes for our audiences.


You or your marketing agency have surely met a large variety of collaborators along the way. Do you still remember the ones that stood out and why? Was it their impeccable service, their professional delivery or their radiant enthusiasm? At Ghost Pictures, we fulfill all of these. In fact, we have repeatedly surprised our marketing agency partners by our extraordinary ways of going the extra mile. Collaboration for us is a must, because only together are we stronger.

Division of tasks

Partnerships are even better when considering how much further we can get through joint efforts. What does this mean concretely? When choosing us as your video partner, it comes with the whole package. We always take our clients’ and our projects’ wellbeing seriously and don’t shy away from going all the way out. So, this means absolutely no worries for you. We will take care of our part from A to Z. Our cutting-edge equipment always accompanies us all the way, our strong contacts within the industry allow us to get talents and crew members on short notice, and even special technical demands don’t scare us off.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients’ demands can be high, and rightfully so. Only the very best video project will captivate their audiences in that unique and unforgettable way. That’s why creative customer-orientedness is our number one priority. And if we can all have fun along the way, it’s even better. Because we genuinely enjoy what we’re doing, this is contagious and allows us to merge into the most dynamic and efficient teams.

Are you or your marketing agency looking for a professional video partner to strengthen all your projects? Don’t hesitate and reach out to us – we’ll be happy to connect and support your projects!

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