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5 Reasons why your Organization should Contract an External Video Partner

With more and more organizations investing into video content these days, questions arise on how to efficiently manage the continuous production of videos or films. There are multiple benefits to hiring an external video production house on a contractual basis. Especially long-term agreements (retainer agreements) can benefit your business on the long run. Read further to find out why.

1. Securing a Reliable Partner

One thing that is essential to a good partnership with your video production partner is reliability. Every organization needs a partner who is going to deliver in a transparent, timely manner and make your projects come true. Whether these are marketing videos, corporate videos or documentaries, you will want to be at peace when it comes to outsourcing the production process. With a long-term agreement, you are binding your producer to deliver to you for a fixed period of time, based on the agreed parameters.

2. Continuous Flow of Deliverables

In the mutual agreement, your organization and your video producer will define a fixed number of products to be delivered during the duration of the contract. The duration of the contract can be anything starting from one year to five years, So, you can be rested assured that you will have a continuous delivery of products during the contractual period. There is simply no room for rude awakenings. You can simply lean back, relax and wait for the products to be delivered to you. This gives your organization room for other projects and reduces the workload on your own staff.

3. Ensuring a Unified Style aligned with your Organization

One important thing for your organization’s video content is its blending with your brand. By working with several external partners a year, you risk losing the connectedness to your brand guidelines. Instead, a dedicated and long-term video production partner can ensure the deep and continuous alignment of their products with your brand and helps to build your brand’s reputation.

4. Working on a Fixed Schedule

For the contractual period, there are standardized schedules for production and delivery that have to be kept by the producer. Your organization in return also has a fixed timeframe to give feedback on delivered products and revision requests. This standardized way of collaborating ensures a smooth and timely process.

5. Getting a Better Price per Product

For long-term agreements, you can be rested assured that you will have the best price secured. Project-based invoices are usually reflecting much higher prices, while long-term contracts (retainer agreements) offer your organization to operate more cost-effectively. While contractual prices are still subject to change in response to economic developments or specific changes in the industry, the base price has been established. Your total cost per video or film will therefore be lower than on a project basis.

At Ghost Pictures Production, we offer your organization different kinds of contracts tailored to your needs. In initial meetings with our clients, the vision and parameters are discussed, and all questions are clarified. We also offer our customers a trial period prior to contract or an opt-out period during the very beginning of the contractual term.


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